Kitchen Remodels

It is important for a kitchen to be both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. As the heart of any home, it is often one of the first sights that greet you as you enter the house as well as the place where much of the daily activity in your home occurs.

For many homeowners, the cost of a kitchen remodel is well worth the splurge. It can make a home more appealing to future buyers while also providing immediate enjoyment and improved ease and convenience for current residents of the home.

St Pete Remodeling provides our customers with professional kitchen remodeling services to help them design their dream kitchen and bring it to life.

Kitchen Design

Before we begin remodeling your kitchen, it is important for us to have a clear understanding of what improvements are most important to you and how you want your finished kitchen to look.

We will discuss budget and other key considerations with you to make sure that we deliver something that will fit your specific needs. This can be a challenging step, as often ideas will have to be refined or adjusted in order to work with the existing layout or aesthetic of your home while remaining feasible within your budget.

We will do our best to provide you with design options that will complement your home and add beauty and value to it while staying true to your vision.

Cabinetry & Appliances

High quality cabinetry and kitchen appliances can make even a simple and small kitchen feel glamorous. Our remodeling experts provide custom cabinet design and installations to enhance the look of your kitchen and maximize the amount of practical storage available to you.

It is important that your kitchen be more than just a pretty space. Homeowners often spend time in the kitchens cooking and preparing food on a daily basis. At St Pete Remodeling, we make sure that the flow of your kitchen layout makes life easier and more convenient for you.

From smart storage solutions to sensible placement of appliances, we think through every detail of the design for our customers.

Countertops & Backsplashes

Countertops and backsplashes allow you to add some personality to your kitchen. There are a wide range of finishes available for you to choose from to complete the look and feel of your kitchen.

Give your kitchen a bold look with a colorful mosaic backsplash or keep your kitchen simple and clean with solid white quartz countertops. Our experienced team ensures that the final finishing touches on your kitchen remodel are flawless.

Affordable Kitchen Renovations

People often equate kitchen remodeling with high price tags. While it can cost a substantial amount to fully gut and remodel an existing kitchen, there are also ways to freshen up the look of an old kitchen with a modest budget.

From replacing outdated cabinet doors to adding a new backsplash behind the stove, St Pete Remodeling is happy to work with our customers to figure out what can be done to improve the appearance and functionality of their kitchens.