Flooring Installation

The type of flooring used can make a drastic difference in the way a room looks and feels. At St Pete Remodeling, we help our customers compare available options and choose the highest quality flooring that will give their home the aesthetic they desire.

We are focused on providing our customers with durable, long lasting flooring that can bring beauty to their homes for years to come at an affordable price. For a flooring installation estimate, contact us today!

Choosing Your Flooring

There are many flooring options available on the market today. Hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile are all commonly used in residential flooring. Not only will you need to pick between different types of materials, but you will also need to consider color and design in your final decision as well.

Choosing your flooring can be overwhelming given the number of choices out there. It is not always easy to imagine what a room may look like after a new flooring installation. Our experts are there to guide you in your decision and help you visualize how different types of flooring can impact the look and feel of any room in your home.

We offer you recommendations based on the function of the room, the expected foot traffic, the level of maintenance you prefer, and the general aesthetic of your home.

Quality Products

When you invest time and money into new flooring for your home, it is only natural that you want something that can last for many, many years. The quality of the flooring material used plays a large part in the durability and longevity of your floors.

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime with some maintenance and care. However, the cost of high quality hardwood can be prohibitive. Although laminate may not compare in terms of life expectancy, its low cost can make it a more favorable option for many. No matter your budget, we will ensure we use the best possible products to help you get your money's worth while making your home as beautiful as it can be.

Professional Installation

Precision flooring installation can also greatly extend the life expectancy of your floors and help you avoid headaches and hassles in the long run.

The team at St Pete Remodeling have been providing professional home remodeling services to St. Petersburg, Florida residents for decades. Our workmanship is highly regarded by our customers. You can trust us to properly install any type of flooring in your home with speed, efficiency, and skill.

Home Remodeling Experts

Our home remodeling company strives to strike the perfect balance between form and function for our customers. Our team is not only concerned with making sure your home looks attractive and well-finished, but we also care about the quality of our work and how it will hold up over time for our customers.

We are here to help you update your home so that it looks more modern and beautiful as well as provides you with greater comfort, convenience, and pleasure.