Bathroom Remodels

If there is any part of the home worth splurging on, it is your bathroom. A bright, beautiful bathroom with modern plumbing fixtures and finishes can provide the perfect retreat after a long day or a tough week at work.

Not only does the bathroom provide you with convenience in your day to day life, but a well-designed bathroom can also lend a sense of luxury to your home. Even some simple upgrades can make an old or outdated bathroom look fresh and new again. For expert bathroom remodeling, call the professionals at St Pete Remodeling.

Bathroom Tiling

Tiling in the bathroom serves multiple purposes. Because tiles are water resistant and hold up well in high humidity, they are a sensible choice for bathroom floors and shower walls. They keep your subfloor and drywall protected from water damage, and any spills or splashes can be dried up quickly and easily.

Tiling also serves an aesthetic function. They can add an interesting mix of texture and color to an otherwise sterile, white bathroom. We provide our customers with a range of bathroom tiling options to help elevate the look of their bathroom.

Whether you need us to completely transform your bathroom or simply replace your bathroom tiling, we will make sure the final result is flawless.

Showers & Tubs

We provide professional shower and tub installations to help our customers give their bathrooms a more modern and clean look.

Choosing the right plumbing fixtures and design can make your bathroom feel more spacious and bright, as well as make your daily routines more enjoyable. We help you find the right fixtures and finishes to give your bathroom the desired aesthetic.

Whether you prefer a style that is simple and timeless or modern and unique, our remodeling experts will work with you to create the perfect bathroom.

Sink & Vanity

The sink and vanity often create a focal point in your bathroom. It is important to choose a size and style that complements the space without overwhelming or crowding it.

Whether we are remodeling a small powder room or a spacious master bathroom, we help our customers pick the fixtures and finishes that work best for the unique characteristics of their space. We offer you our expert recommendations which are informed by years of experience in bathroom remodeling and renovations.

Professional Bathroom Remodeling
What St Pete Remodeling delivers is quality and craftsmanship. Our customers know that they can depend on us for precision workmanship that shows the utmost attention to detail. Our skilled team is not only experienced and highly skilled, but they are passionate about their work and achieving the best for our customers.

We use the highest quality products to ensure that the final results of any remodeling or renovation project meets the expectations of our customers and provides them will full satisfaction.

Let us help make your home a beautiful and pleasant place for your enjoyment for years and years to come.